By Laurence Summers

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Public transportation

Public Transport – There are two ways to go here: the Oyster Card or daily/weekly travelcard. Oyster works using top-up so you add money to it as you go along; travelcard you can buy daily or weekly. Im happy to discuss this with you before you visit.

Minicabs – These are also good and you need to pre-book, rather than hail on the street . They are usually a little less expensive, though the drivers are not as knowledgeable.

From the Airport –  From Heathrow you can either take the Heathrow Express into Paddington which takes about 15 minutes or the underground into central London, which takes about 45 minutes. A taxi will normally cost you in the region of £70-80 into central London depending on traffic and take anything from 30-45 minutes, again depending on traffic.

From Gatwick there is the Gatwick Express to Victoria station which takes 30 minutes. A taxi will cost in the region of £120.

London cab

Taxis – The black taxi drivers (some of the taxis are now blue, green, red and a variety of colours) are the best in the world in my view. They do a test called ‘The Knowledge’ and it can take from 3-5 years to pass, so they know their stuff. These can be hailed on the street.

Never get into a car if someone stops and ask you if you need a cab. They are likely not to be licensed and if they are licensed then they are breaking the law.

Food & Theatre

Food –  Yes we do have food! Actually this country has become a haven for those who enjoy a good meal and doing this job means I can guide you to a number of great eateries with cuisines from all over the world. From Chinese to Italian; Thai to Indian; Japanese to Mexican and then some….
Theatre –  Well of course the nation that gave us Shakespeare, Shaw and Oscar Wilde is bound to be full of fabulous shows and if you want to discuss how to go about getting tickets I can help. You can order ahead of time, take your chance at the half-price ticket booth for a show on the day or just show up at the theatre and you might get lucky, though if you know what you want to see its best to get this arranged ahead of time. If you wish I will do the groundwork and get your tickets for you. There will be a small fee but will save you the time and hassle of emailing the theatres or calling the box office.