By Laurence Summers

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He has an excellent sense of humour and the ability to bring history alive. A top class act nothing short of amazing. Do not pass up the opportunity to use this guide.

David and Rocky Baum, LA

Bath  an elegant town built in limestone, we can visit the Roman Baths, Jane Austen Museum and the magnificent Bath Abbey. Also a great alternative for shopping if you’ve tired of shopping in London!

Cambridge  Aside from being a university town built next to a glorious river that you can take a boat ride on, this is where a couple of scientists called Charles Darwin & Isaac Newton studied – not at the same time mind you!

Oxford  Described as a city of dreaming spires and one of the most famous universities in the world, we can see some of its colleges and beautiful limestone buildings.  Its also a buzzing shopping town and for fans of Harry Potter and/or Alice in Wonderland there is more than a small connection here.

A Day of Dickens

Dickens House - Kent
Dickens House - Kent

 Dickens spent much of his life in Kent and for this one we go to the lovely seaside town of  Broadstairs, where he did much of his writing and also to Rochester where he spent his final days in his dream home. You can have great expectations on this tour!

 Hampton Court  A wonderful Tudor building built on the banks of the Thames and partly rebuilt in the 17th century by Christopher Wren, this was one of Henry V111’s favourite palaces. Tudor kitchens, beautiful paintings , a unique set of chimneys and… oh yes….a ghost!



What was it for? Why was it built there? How many people built it? Unanswered questions but speculation goes on and this wonder of 5000 year old engineering is remarkable and the answers to the questions among  the most sought after in history.

Stratford-upon-Avon  Originally a medieval market town, this place is now and will forever be associated as the birthplace of Shakespeare. Though he lived much of his life in London he always had a deep affection for his birthplace and chose to be buried in the same church as he was baptised.


Canterbury Cathedral  A spectacular piece of Gothic architecture and the scene of one of the most infamous murders in British history, the cathedral is surrounded by a unique  little  town littered with timber –framed buildings in medieval streets.



A real favourite this one. Set in the luscious countryside of England’s heart, with limestone cottages, exquisite independent stores and a host of cream tea shops, this is the England from some of those old films and its little changed.

Downton Abbey Tour  

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Highclere Castle

One of my favourite costume dramas is largely filmed at Highclere Castle and the gorgeous village of Bampton. Guess what? We can go! Be advised to book the castle well in advance as it gets booked up quickly.


Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle

One of the Queen’s favourite residences and a history of the Castle is almost a history of England itself, with a glorious chapel and the final resting place of the Queen’s parents, George 111 and a chap called Henry V111. The town is littered with unique shops and is close to Eton College.




“Laurence was a wonderful guide. Our children are seven and nine and they absolutely loved him. He made it really fun for them and you could see he enjoyed being with them”.

Lauri Herman, New Jersey

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